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About APM


APM is an Automated Partnership Management platform which offers a wide and exclusive range of services to suppliers, partners and merchants.

The main role of APM platform is to connect merchants (or dealers, branches, etc.) and service providers (a.k.a. Network owners) in order to facilitate and automate all the processes related to product and service ordering, delivery, configuration, monitoring and maintenance.

Partners can be Central Banks, Banks, mobile operators, governments, Chains, insurance, ISP, Box-offices, E-malls or any business with their respective network of merchants or sub-entities such as branches, dealers, etc.

The APM platform is highly flexible and versatile. In fact, it is adaptable to any kind of multi-level business network, offering seamless integration of all processes.

APM provides all the tools for merchants to initiate and track the status of their orders as well as delivery and maintenance in real-time. Upon delivery, the recipient can use a private code, unique for each order, as a digital signature.


APM is also a ready-to-use e-Commerce platform available through worldwide web and mobile apps which allows merchants to sell, manage and market their products online easily and securely.

APM also provides service providers with auto-generated invoices online for each order. In the case of POS (i.e. Point of Sale devices), APM offers visual monitoring charts and tools to monitor the live status and performance of all distributed POS geographically, according to the filtering criteria set by the service providers.

Using APM platform, merchants are guided to easily select the POS devices they really need according to their connectivity preferences, budget and business conditions, facilities or constraints, and to make the right choice of services and applications to be installed on their POS, the installation and setup of which is fully automated.

The APM platform powered by VIVA allows both network owners and their merchants to leverage their business resources by allowing them to offer more profitable services to their respective dealers and end-users without any cost, risk or investment.

POS is no more a cost for the merchant but becomes a source of revenue.

The POS reparation service available and fully automated and trackable through APM offers many levels of intervention according to the terms of the chosen package according to the merchant’s need and issue urgency.

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