Not only does the APM allow you to acquire any type of terminal based on your need, it also allows you to monitor transactions, sales, inventory, orders, etc. It consists many tools which will help any merchants or network owner go into the detail of its activities (e.g. graph below) and thus a better understanding of its overall business. Some of these tools include the following:

  • Network activity management
  • Network Owner business and service provider real time management
  • Online (web and mobile) statement of account
  • Merchant, SP, TS, HS, NO, real time support by online chat support (web and mobile)
  • Automated TMS and PMS including for service management
  • Salesperson activities control and VTGSM
  • Full network solution integrated with NOSM (VTGSM) and TMS
  • Web management

Below you can view the location of every POS Device that VIVA Belgium has distributed to their merchants. Additional information is available when viewing each store individually such as avg transactions/day, avg transaction amount, type of business, and more. One can also filter data so that only the stores that meet the criteria will be displayed