Our Offices

The office in Lebanon was opened in order to exploit the enormous market gap that was present at the time in the middle east all while helping to increase our reach beyond Europe as an extension of its Belgium Branch. While its sole purpose started as a distributor for Ingenico POS machines it has since grown far beyond its initial vision to include its own banking application, multi service POS offerings, development of mobile and web applications, the creation of the VMS and TMS, and many more.

Address: Lebanon - Tripoli - Corniche el mina - Telepaty Building 1st Floor.

When Saudi Post approached Telepaty with the intention of opening an E-Commerce in Saudi, it began a long partnership under the name of OCC which realized its vision in 2017 under the name of E-Mall. E-Mall is an online shopping website with sky high ambitions of trying to be the only place where you can find all that you need and want with the best prices you’ll ever see.

70% of our workforce are dedicated to this cause in KSA while the rest are focused on increasing the company’s presence in Saudi by building relationships with trusted Banks, universities, telecom companies and many other organizations.

Address: KSA - Riyadh - Wadi Beach Street - Abi Baker Road - wadi Beach Street Exit 6 - OCC Building.

Established back in 2000, our first office is located in Belgium, Brussels on 65 Avenue Louise, bte 11. Responsible for all our operations in Europe, Its function ranges from data handling to managing European relations and has helped us in creating an international presence. It is from this office that Telepaty has grown into where it is today, and to this date the office is responsible for most technical achievements plus the securing of information.

Address: Belgium – Brussels - 65 Avenue Louise, bte 11, 1050.

Telepaty has opened its subsidiary branch in Sudan under the name of EDTS in order to work towards the fulfillment of a new project with the Sudanese government that will be revolutionary for the country. This project will aim to facilitate the lives of the Sudanese people by giving them the ability and freedom to easily complete payments covering all the sectors that are related to the consumer such as: consumer to consumer, consumer to business, and consumer to government.

Address: Sudan – Khartoum - Bourj Al Sahel Wal Sahraa - 10th floor Nile Street.